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Single Payer Tornado

pdf on Singe Payer

Sponsorship Documents

2017-2018 Partner Sponsor Agreement

Terms of Partner-Sponsor Agreement

2017 - 2018 Monthly Meeting Sponsorship

Monthly Meeting terms of agreement

Board Documents

2017- 2018 Strategic Planning Meeting II pkg - planning, forms, budget

All in package showing mission, documents, budget, responsibilities

2016-2017 - Board Closeout

Minutes of last Board meeting for 2016-2017

2017-2018 Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes

Minutes of June 21 2017 Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes

PCAHU's 2017-2018 Proposed Board Members (2)

Proposed Board members with contact info

Board Minutes Template ... blank

blank form to insert minutes

PCAHU Sept 6 2017 - Monthly Meeting Minutes

Synopsis of the Sept 6, 2017 meeting

PCAHU Oct 4 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes of board meeting

Jan 10 2018 - Educational Report

Report for board meeting

Jan 10 2018 - Legislative Report

Report for board meeting

Jan 10, 2018 Media Relations Report

Media Relations report for Board meeting

Jan 10 2018 - Board Minutes

Minutes of Board meeting

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Sept 2016 - Registration & Prepay for LTC Partnership CE

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